Export Bookings Plugin for Jomres

The Export Bookings plugin can be used to save bookings data to a CSV file that can be viewed in Excel. The exported data contains: booking no., invoice no., property name + id, arrival, departure, number of guests, guest name, landline, mobile, email, contract total, deposit required, deposit paid or not, extras, and a note if the booking is cancelled or not.

Plugin installation can be made only by using the Jomres 3rd party plugin installer. After successfully installing the plugin, a new button will be created in your Jomres control panel (backend) and in the manager cpanel (frontend). Admins can export all bookings from the admin cpanel, while property managers and receptionists can export only their property bookings from the frontend cpanel.

Export Bookings Plugin doesn`t override any Jomres files, so it works with any code or template customizations you might have.
This plugin requires Jomres v8.1.14 or above.

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