Jomres - JomSocial Integration Package

Jomres - JomSocial Integration is a package that includes 2 plugins: My Properties and My Bookings plugins. They can be used as JomSocial applications to display users properties or bookings in their JomSocial profile page.
Soon I plan to add a third plugin to this package that will display reviews made for Jomres properties.

Settings are user dependent, so each user can decide how many properties or bookings to display, and if they want to have the bookings public (displayed in their profile page) or hidden. If the bookings are hidden (not available for public), then the user can access his bookings by using the new JomSocial toolbar menu called "Bookings".

My Bookings and My Properties JomSocial applications can be installed using the Joomla Installer (like any other JomSocial application), and they can be configured as regular Joomla/JomSocial plugins.

Recommended usage/settings:

Install the plugins as regular Jomsocial applications (not core applications), so users can select what application to use on their profile.

Property managers should use the My properties application to display their properties.

Regular users should use the My bookings application to display their bookings.

It`s not recommended to use both at the same time, because property managers usually don`t have any bookings. The bookings they made are on the behalf of their customers, so they won`t be displayed in their profile.

For how-to use question, please use the forum.

My Bookings and My Properties JomSocial plugins doesn`t override any Jomres or JomSocial files, so they should work with any code or template customizations you might have.
This plugin requires JomSocial v1.2 or above.
This plugin requires Jomres v8.1.14 or above.

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