Nearby Properties Plugin for Jomres

This plugin displays a list of nearby properties at the bottom of the property details page, based on the current property latitude, longitude and a radius selectable by the admin from the backend. The nearby properties list includes the property name, stars, distance from the current property, price and will integrate very well with any Jomres template you might have.

Plugin installation can be made only by using the Jomres 3rd party plugin installer. After successfully installing the plugin, a new button will be created in your Jomres control panel (backend). All plugin settings can be made from here. The administrator has the option to enable or disable the plugin, select the radius in which to display properties (can be in miles or kilometers), the number of properties to display and the property image width and height. He can also choose if the displayed nearby properties will be of the same type as the currently viewed property, or the nearby properties will be of all types available.

For this plugin to work, latitude and longitude coordinates for all properties are a must. Otherwise the radius can`t be calculated and an error message will be displayed for the properties that don`t have the coordinates set.

Nearby Properties Plugin Live Demo

Nearby Properties Plugin

Nearby Properties Plugin doesn`t override any Jomres files, so it works with any code or template customizations you might have.
This plugin requires Jomres v8.1.14 or above.

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