Unpaid Bookings Handling Plugin for Jomres

The Unpaid Bookings Handling Plugin runs automatically in the background (using the Jomres Cron feature) and deletes or cancells all provisional bookings that are not paid within an interval of your choice, so another customer can book that spot.
This plugin is useful when you accept bookings that are paid offline by wire transfer or cheque.

If a booking is not paid within X number of days (this interval can be set by the administrator in Jomres backend) from the time when the booking was made, then the booking is deleted or cancelled and the calendar will show the booked dates as available, so somebody else can book those days. When a booking is deleted or cancelled, both you and the guest will receive a notification by email.

You also have the option to cancel or delete an unpaid booking. If you choose to cancel a booking, then the booking and it`s invoice will be marked as cancelled and will not be deleted from the database, so you can access them later. If you choose to delete it, then the booking and it`s invoice will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

When you receive the offline payment for a booking, don`t forget to mark the booking/deposit in Jomres as "Paid" using the "Enter deposit" feature, otherwise the booking will still be cancelled/deleted and the cancellation email sent to the guest.

Unpaid Bookings Handling Plugin doesn`t override any Jomres files, so it works with any code or template customizations you might have.
This plugin requires Jomres v8.1.14 or above.

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