Wire Transfer Gateway for Jomres

Wire Transfer Gateway adds functionality for property owners to define bank account details globally or individually for each property. This way you can accept wire transfer/bank debit payments and provide bank account info to your customers when they reach the booking payment screen.
This solution works for both single and multiple property owners websites.

The Wire Transfer/Bank Debit gateway it`s very easy to set up. You can find the setup screen in Jomres General Property Settings (frontend), in the gateways tab. When clicking on the Wire Transfer gateway, a new window pops up and here you can set the Account Holder, IBAN (Bank account number), SWIFT Code, BIC Code (this is the numeric code of your bank, but usualy it`s not necessary if you already provided the SWIFT code) and the bank name. After that just activate the gateway from the frontend (gateways tab) and you`re all set.

On the gateway screen below the bank details, users have the option to print the details. Also, an email with the bank account details will be sent to the guest upon booking completion.

Website administrator has the option to define global bank account details (in Jomres Admin, backend) and override the details set in the gateways tab, so all properties that have the wire transfer gateway enabled will use the same bank account details. This option doesn`t override the enabled/disabled option in the gateways tab, so if you want to use the gateway, enable it first from the jomres gateways tab in frontend, even if you don`t set any bank account details here and the ones in the backend will be used (if override is set to yes).

Wire Transfer Gateway Live Demo

Wire Transfer Gateway

Wire Transfer Gateway doesn`t override any Jomres files, so it works with any code or template customizations you might have.
This gateway requires Jomres v8.1.14 or above.

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