JE Mira Jomres Template

JE Mira is the brand new Jomres Extras template for Jomres featuring a style property list page, property description page with fancy tabs and an unseen before booking form design and layout. The template now uses Jquery UI styling and works best on a 1 or 2 columns layout website. For best looks use the default Jomres gallery.

Please note that this is a Jomres template, not a Joomla template, so it styles the Jomres layout, not the overall Joomla look.

JE Mira Live Demo

On the demo site, you`ll see the JE Mira Jomres template, but also all other Jomres Extras plugins. Please make sure you understand the difference between a Joomla template and a Jomres Template. The Joomla template affects the overall layout/look of the entire site, while a Jomres template will only affect the styling/look of Jomres pages (like property list, property details, booking form). The Joomla template you see on the demo site is not for sale, but you can get a copy of it on request, if you have a valid Advanced or Professional Jomres Extras membership.

Demo: JE Mira Jomres template demo.

This template requires Jomres v7.4.0 or above.
Please contact us for a quote if you need this template customized to your requirements.

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This template has been retired.