Google Calendar Integrator Installation and Configuration Guide


1. Install the plugin using Jomres 3rd party plugin installer (NOT Joomla installer).

2. After successful installation, new buttons called "Google Calendar Integrator" will be created in Jomres backend and frontend admin. The frontend buttons will be available for all property managers, so each one can have different settings and calendars for each property. The backend settings are used if you want to override the fronted settings (just like overriding the Paypal settings) and it`s usually used if all properties belong to you or you want to add events for them to a single Google account. This way you`ll only make the settings once and use them for all properties


Click on the Google Calendar Integrator button in the backend admin. In the settings screen, you`ll see all the necessary settings that need to be made for the integration to work. The most important things are:

1. Override the settings made in frontend? If set to yes, then all properties will use the Google account details and calendars IDs specified here.

2. Enable or disable the integration.

3. Enter your Google account login (email) and password. Please make sure they are correct ;-)

4. Select the hours at which you want the events to start and to end in the calendar. Usually these are the check in and check out hours for the properties. If you want to have different start/end hours, then you`ll have to create separate settings for each property from the frontend admin. Everything in the frontend is done in a similar way, but don`t forget in this case to set Override to No in the backend.

5. Select your timezone.

6. Make the desired settings redarding what the event title and content should include.

7. Set the default Google Calendar ID to add events/bookings to if no property specific calendar ID is defined. This can be "default" if you want to add events to the default Google account calendar, or it can be an ID looking like You can get the calendar IDs from your Google account, in calendar settings.

8. All properties in the system are displayed next, so you can set a different calendar ID for each one, if you want to have multiple calendars (one for each property). You can leave this blank if you want to add events to the default calendar set above.

That should be it. Jomres will now create/edit/delete events from the Google calendar each time a booking or black booking is made, amended or canceled.