PHPList Integrator Installation and Configuration Guide


Install the plugin using the Jomres 3rd party plugin installer (NOT Joomla installer). The plugin will not conflict with any other Jomres plugins you may have and doesn`t override any files, so upgrading your Jomres will be as easy as before.


All plugin configuration is made from the Jomres backend (website administration area) where a new button was created when you installed the plugin. Following are the settings that need to be made properly before the integration can work.

  1. Choose if the integration is enabled or not. If you select No, then emails won`t be added to PHPList when a booking is made.
  2. Enter the PHPList frontpage URL. Don`t forget the trailing slash and don`t use any params in the URL. For example:
  3. Enter PHPList administrator username and password. These details are used by the plugin to log in to PHPList using CURL and if login is successful, add the new subscription.
  4. Choose if you want to skip the email that PHPList sends when a subscription is made. If you choose not to skip sending this confirmation email, then PHPList will send a separate email to your customer that prompts him to confirm his subscription.
  5. Choose if you`d like to send your newsletters in HTML format or not.
  6. The next two fields refer to custom fields that you may have set up in your PHPList and in which you`d like to save your guest firstname and surname. If you don`t have such fields defined, then leave this empty. If you defined a fields in PHPList called "attribute1" for saving the guest firstname, then write "attribute1" in the first field. If you have any other mandatory fields in PHPList subscription page that are not related to firstname or surname, then please make them not mandatory in PHPList, otherwise the plugin will not work.
  7. Select the default list id to use if no language dependent list id is specified. This feature allows you to choose the list in which you want to add an email by default, if you don`t use language dependent lists.
  8. If you use language dependent lists, then set up in the following fields the list id for each language. Depending on the language that a user uses when making the booking, the email will be added to the appropriate list. So, if a user makes a booking in English, then he will be added to the list id you have entered for the English language. If no list id is defined for English, then he will be added to the default list.

The languages that show up in the list and where you can enter you list id for each language is formed by languages you checked in "Choose Languages" feature (the active languages). If no languages are selected here, then all available languages will be listed and you can set up a list for each one.